Tobin Building Systems Inc. offers an innovative solution to those seeking more efficient buildings.

FoxBlock Insulated Concrete Wall System is a leading ICF Wall System.  It is the easiest system to install and represents the best price.  We believe that the Foxblock ICF will be your best solution for any or all of your foundation, wall, roofing, or flooring needs.


As a distributor of ICF Products, Mr. Rick Hallam, (Owner/Operator), brings more than 20 years experience in ICF construction to your projects.

The staff at Tobin Building Systems Inc., will provide product training, and offer innovative products and solutions that help you to cut costs and will be competitive with conventional framing methods.


The construction of your home with green building materials greatly reduces the need of our precious natural resources.

Using green building materials that are energy saving products, such as insulating concrete forms, will provide plenty of home energy savings. They put extra money in your pocket while protecting the environment.

Tobin Building Systems is your energy efficiency distributor

Fox BlocksThe Latest in Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Technology and ICF Design- Manufactured to Lower Labor and Accessory Costs

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Forte EPS

  • Better than the advertising suggested

    When we set out in 2004 to plan our retirement home in Muskoka, we searched out various energy-efficient options, and decided to go with super-insulation instead of novel energy sources. We use conventional electricity and propane. To get the insulation we wanted we turned to ICF construction up to the eves. Our builders, Brian Higgins and Chris Ember, began excavation in September 2005, and we began the experience of long-distance building. Our car learned by heart the trip from Windsor, Brian and Chris were fantastic, and the ICF supplied by Tobin Building Systems proved even better, if possible, than the advertising suggested. We moved in, on time and on budget, in early June 2006. After almost 9 years, including some cold winters, we still love this house. Fuel costs are reasonable, the house is snug and comfortable, we are well insulated even from outside noise, and the wide window sills make for great indoor space. And, yes, we have sometimes had to open the door mid-winter to cool down if we’ve been entertaining a crowd giving off too much body heat!

    Satisfied Customers

    Peter and Donna

  • I couldn’t be happier

    I wanted access to the best ICF expertise and “hands-on” ICF experience available, which I found at Tobin Building Systems. The Tobin staff provided me with seasoned advice and prompt support on every occasion, and even in ways I had not anticipated. For example my foundation required engineering for a walk out basement and for an unsupported wall at the stair well, which Tobin provided as well. As a result I’ve just successfully completed a full, 8 corner basement with a walk out and brick ledge, pinned to bedrock on sloping terrain. I couldn’t be happier with the result!

    Satisfied Customer

    Gord – Builder Leonard Lake

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